Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Our search and placement services vary based on your financial commitment upfront and the urgency and complexity of your staffing need.

Retained Search

Retained searches are the right choice if you are serious about establishing a partnership that allows you to hire the right fit for your most urgent, critical staffing needs. Retained search allows for in-depth candidate research necessary to find high-potential candidates who are not actively seeking new opportunities. For these searches we put together a Project Team to focus on your search until it is completed, giving it dedicated effort and top-priority status.

Included in a retained search are:

  • In-depth, detailed discussion of client’s specifications.
  • Exclusive access to prequalified candidates, and first-right-of-refusal.
  • A dedicated Project Team.
  • Personality profiles for submitted candidates, if desired.
  • Reference and background checks for all candidates scheduled for interviews.

On a retained search we request that one third of the estimated fee be paid upon signing of the contract; the second third paid in 30 days; and the last third paid upon completion of the search

Priority Search (Engagement Fee)

This approach is appropriate for searches that also are urgent and complex. It provides a high level of dedication, but not quite as high as with retained search.

Included in a priority search are:

  • In-depth, detailed discussion of client’s specifications.
  • Account Executive (Search Consultant) and possibly Project Coordinator or Research Assistant assigned to search.
  • Reference and background checks for all interviewed candidates who remain serious contenders, prior to offer.

On a priority or engaged search one third of the estimated fee is due upon signing of the contract, but the remaining two thirds are not due until completion of the search.

Contingency Search

Contingency search is best when unusual search requirements and critical time factors do not exist. In a contingency search you will work closely with your Account Executive (Search Consultant) to complete your assignment. No fees are due unless and until you agree to hire a candidate we present. Full payment is due upon completion of the search.

Contract Staffing

This cost-effective option allows clients to quickly and efficiently resolve interim staffing challenges. Sandias Executive Search takes the burden of payroll and administrative functions off the client. Fees are based on the level of the employee sought.

For all permanent placement searches our service fees range from 25% to 35% of estimated first-year compensation, plus guarantee periods. Fees vary based on complexity of the search. We provide a service agreement explaining all terms. The agreement must be signed by the client company before we begin a search or share details about candidates.


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