Candidate Interviewing Tips

Candidate Interviewing Tips

Being well prepared for an interview is vital. Here are some effective strategies for conducting a positive interview.

Things to remember:

  • People have to buy you before they buy from you.
  • People hire emotionally first and justify logically later.
  • People are most sold by your conviction rather than your persuasion.
  • Know your industry and technology, but think PEOPLE.
  • The decision to hire often is made in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the interview; the remaining time is spent justifying that decision.

Candidate preparation:

Take these notes to the interview. Anticipate questions that may be asked. Practice your answers out loud before the interview.

  • What are the duties and responsibilities of this position?
  • What would be my Number One priority to accomplish before I leave each day? Why?
  • What are the production or sales goals? What obstacles would prevent me from reaching those goals?
  • What broader short and long term goals would be set for the person in this position?
  • Research the company ahead of time on its website and other sources. Write out several thoughtful business or industry questions for the hiring manager.
  • Look for any commonalities you might have with the hiring manager, such as alma mater, home town, past employer.
  • Avoid the topic of compensation or benefits during a first interview.
  • If you like what you hear, ask for the job before you leave. You can ask: “Do I have the qualifications you’re looking for?” Or “How do my qualifications match the other people you’re considering?” Let the hiring manager know that you are very interested, that you believe you could bring some valuable skills and experience to the company, and that you want to move forward in the process.
  • Always send a follow-up, thank-you email to everyone present at the interview. (Collect business cards from everyone you meet, if possible.)


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