Recruiting Process

Recruiting Process

Define the client company’s need

  • Consult with hiring manager about job requirements, workplace culture, company history and market position, and selling points that would attract candidates.
  • Offer consultation on salary level and attractiveness of position, then develop a recruiting plan.

Create recruiting plan that could include

  • Marketing via our website, social media and other sites as appropriate.
  • Direct contact with potential candidates and industry sources.
  • Use of our extensive research team to uncover more candidates, including passive candidates.

Develop lists of potential candidates

  • By abilities and experience.
  • By job function and title.
  • By geographic region.

Contact and actively recruit candidates identified as potential matches

  • Enthusiastically present the career opportunity.
  • Keep the hiring manager apprised of our progress.
  • Qualify and evaluate candidates.
  • Anticipate possible problems – counteroffer, relocation, non-compete contracts.

Arrange interviews for client company to meet candidates

  • Present summary of each candidate verbally and by email, with confidential resume.
  • Recommend appropriate interviews.
  • Arrange each interview.
  • Prepare candidate and hiring manager.

Get decisions that lead to placements

  • Debrief candidate and hiring manager.
  • Should we move ahead with this candidate? Why?
  • Should we interview other candidates? Why?
  • Should we maintain or change the direction of the search? Why?

If the client feels this candidate is the right fit

  • Arrange subsequent interviews.
  • If relocation is required, introduce candidate to our relocation services.
  • Perform reference and/or background checks if requested by the client.
  • Assist employer with assembling an offer that is likely to be well received.
  • Present offer to candidate.
  • Negotiate the differences, if any.


  • Counsel the future employee on resigning from current employer.
  • Confirm start date.
  • Follow up with candidate and manager for first 30 days and beyond.

(Failure to perform one or more of these steps does not constitute breach of contract on our part.)


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