Resume Hints

Resume Hints

Not sure what to include in your resume? Answer these questions to zero in on your most valuable skills and experiences:

Some basics:

  • How many years’ experience in your field do you have? (You can be general if it’s many, as in “More than 20 years experience…”)
  • What specific skills have you developed?
  • Are you a Subject Matter Expert at work or in your field? Do coworkers or friends always come to you for any particular kind of help?
  • What computer platforms, operating systems and software programs do you know?
  • What other tools do you use or have you used in your jobs?
  • Have you ever published an article or report in your company or professional association newsletter?
  • Have you ever given a professional presentation or led a training session at work or in the community?
  • Do you have any two-year, four-year or post graduate degrees? Was your grade point noteworthy? Were you on the Dean’s List?
  • If you don’t have a degree, did you complete any college coursework in areas related to your field?
  • What foreign languages do you know and what is your level of skill in each?
  • Have you ever studied or worked in a foreign country?
  • Do you have military experience? Discharge? Duties? Accomplishments? Medals, citations, commendations?

Responsibilities, activities, results:

  • How many people did you supervise? Hire? Train? Mentor?
  • How large of a budget did you manage?
  • How many departments were you responsible for, and where?
  • To whom do you report (title only)?
  • What was the highest level of supervisor or executive in the company to whom you reported or with whom you communicated?
  • Have you been involved in any strategic planning or quality-improvement programs at your company? What was your role, and what were the results?
  • Have you served as a liaison or mediator between groups or individuals?
  • Were you involved in creating, reviewing, adjusting or implementing policies or procedures?
  • Were you a key player in the delivery of a product or service?
  • Did you communicate with customers? How?
  • Were you on any proposal teams? Did the proposal succeed?
  • What other results did you achieve individually or as part of a team? (Think of quantifiable results such as money earned or saved, time saved, percentage of goals reached, market share captured, etc.)
  • Were you back-up for anyone?
  • Did you conduct any surveys or studies?
  • Did you prepare recommendations?
  • Did you design or manage any processes, systems, or projects?
  • Did you organize any events, conferences or meetings?
  • Were you invited to give a speech or presentation on a professional topic?
  • Did you consult for anyone inside or outside the organization?
  • What kind of written and verbal communication did you participate in?


  • Have you received any monthly or annual awards for top performance? Give details.
  • Were you recognized in any other way for top performance? By whom?
  • Were you promoted ahead of the usual rate?
  • Did you break any company records?
  • Were you recognized for your work by any local, regional or national organizations or publications?
  • Were you selected to take part in any special skill development programs at the company?


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